​​​i specialize in home-based  and walk & talk therapy. I work with clients in their living rooms and at their kitchen tables, or by walking through their favourite park, mall, or even over coffee. this unique approach gives much-needed assistance to families and individuals who otherwise might not be able to access mental health services. Home-based counselling eliminates barriers for families who are unable to access therapy. while walk & talk therapy enables for the session to take place out in nature, which is proven to be meditative and grounding.




For me, "meeting clients where they’re at" is more than just a figure of speech. I have been a practicing social worker Since 2010.  I have extensive experience working with adults and adolescents in the treatment of anxiety and depression.  my psychoeducational approach ensures that you will learn a tremendous amount about yourself during our time together. the experiences of our past imprint on our emotional memory, which in turn dictates how we react to and interpret stress and conflict. identifying and understanding these experiences will help to free us of the hold they have over our unconscious selves.